M4C Debut Award Ceremony (09/06/2018)

The main goal of this event was to motivate the other kids to pull up their socks academically and to also motivate them to participate in extra mural activities offered by M4C and last but not least to encourage the others to attend classes and not to miss exams.

This day was a big success as a result of our committed team and many thanks to the Sobambisana Public Primary School principal and the Department of Education social worker Qondisa Bongela. The feedback from the kids who were awarded was emotional and enlightening, because recognizing their potential to excel and awarding them for their hard work filled them with tears of joy and disbelief.

Many thanks to the parents for their support, the parents also became keen to sending their kids to attend M4C classes every Saturday because this event proved to them that their kids have the potential to excel and they agreed to supporting their kids academically from now on.