Soyama Nonkontwana is currently a Grade 7 learner as well as an assistant Tutor. When the organisation was established last year (2017) she was doing Grade 6. She is a passionate enthusiastic young girl, who loves to assist her fellow learners.

this is what she had to say about M4C:  I love being part  M4C as it helped me to explore a lot about myself, academically and socially. The organisation expanded my view on many things, as young as I am I was not aware that Scholarships can be offered at a Primary School level as well. I have been granted the opportunity to participate in scholarship programs provided by M4C. Currently I have been selected to the third phase of OPRAH WINFREY ACADEMY scholarship. I have explored interesting areas areas of the western Cape through the monthly educational excursions that are provided by the Organisation. 

Being part of the Organisation motivates me daily. 

M4C Debut Award Ceremony (09/06/2018)

The main goal of this event was to motivate the other kids to pull up their socks academically and to also motivate them to participate in extra mural activities offered by M4C and last but not least to encourage the others to attend classes and not to miss exams.

This day was a big success as a result of our committed team and many thanks to the Sobambisana Public Primary School principal and the Department of Education social worker Qondisa Bongela. The feedback from the kids who were awarded was emotional and enlightening, because recognizing their potential to excel and awarding them for their hard work filled them with tears of joy and disbelief.

Many thanks to the parents for their support, the parents also became keen to sending their kids to attend M4C classes every Saturday because this event proved to them that their kids have the potential to excel and they agreed to supporting their kids academically from now on.