Percy Williamson

Why I joined M4C:   It has been said, “children are the future of tomorrow”, but how does one ensure that the future that you speak of is going to be one that will give rise to leader, innovators, business people, individuals that will shape the country in to one that eliminate poverty, and serve its people. The is only one way it is to enrich these children now and prepare them for the real world as it is. One way is to empower this kids and make them believe that their dreams are in their finger tips and they need to start on the journey of finding their skills and talents. Reason why I am part of Melela of M4C it is to do the aforementioned. My mission is to foresee that each and every child gets the attention they need and receives the adequate information they need to make their dream possible. My background help me to understand that there’s a need for M4C, and my vision is what keeps me going and still will. “I have no life I cannot touch the life of the person next to me and make it a better.”  I joined M4C to ensure that children reach their full potential.