Mitchel Marishane

Why I joined M4C: I joined Melela 4 Children in 2016 after a friend enlightened me regarding the activity. I immediately preferred it as I have such a great amount of affection for children. The vision of the organization took me back to what I was educated by my mom. She taught me that one hand washes the other and we ascend by lifting others. She showed me not to undermine or look down on other individuals thinking my “class” is superior to theirs, claiming tomorrow isn’t guaranteed. From when I joined the organization, I grew a superior individual than I was previously. Standing in front of the children everyday getting to find myself in them more than comparing them with the 11-year-old (Grade 4) me, gives me so much purpose into making a difference in their lives. NOW I know how to treat children with various capacities, identities, and so on a similar path without making one feel more adored than the other, visa-versa. Furthermore, the position that I hold in the organization additionally enhanced a portion of personality in me. Separating among critical and non-imperative, being more committed and competent, getting energetic about something I didn’t figure I would be enthusiastic about. Showcasing or promoting M4C is challenging, yet I like the challenge as it improves my level of interest, understanding, competency and promise to the exercises I embrace. M4C is my second home and everybody who has a place with it, is my family and they hold an extraordinary place in my heart.