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Our Focus

To encompass each and every child with the necessary tools to conquer obstacles and live a sustainable life, through life skills, education, basic hygienic products and food.



Education is linked to all development goals, such as supporting gender empowerment, improving child and maternal health, reducing hunger, fighting the spread of disease and poverty, encouraging growth and creating peaceful environment, access to equal education opportunities.



All children should have access to quality health services. We are obliged to ensure the absence of disease in our children’s lives, as well as children physical, mental and social wellbeing so, they can survive and develop to their full potential.


Children Protection

Millions of children around South Africa are in danger of abuse, neglect, exploitation and violence, at home, in schools in the community. Children are murdered, children are victims of violent crime.

Only children believe they are capable of everything...

- Paulo Coelho -

What We Do

Melela 4 Children focuses on tutoring and mentoring learners from grade 4 – 6, we focus on the following key roles, but not limited to them


we give mathematics and English lessons on Saturdays, and holidays. Assist with stationary and books covering. We also assist the students with Bursary and Scholarships sourcing.

Health and Hygiene

children that are struggling with items like: body lotion, bathing soup, face cloth, roll on, sanitary towels, we come in to assist. We assist with winter clothing on our Winter Boxes project.

Well Being

We are very much involved in the well-being of a child, from counselling of children whom are victims of rape and violence. We assist in skills empowerment, improving.

Passing Rate


Growth Rate



Children Reached








The care and empowerment provided by M4C structures, a resistance to create long term dependency among children. The overriding goal is to create an opportunity for each child to reach self-actualization, self-reliance and self-sustainability. The aim is to accomplish this by empowering children to reach their maximum potential via higher education or vocation training and other life skills training. We believe that each child holds within him or her potential greatness. It is believing in this greatness, nurturing it and empowering children to become the best they can be, that marks this new age of positive life. We want our children to have rewarding lives and realization that they can shape their future and better their lives, such shift begins with empowering kids, literally helping them gain a sense of inner confidence, courage and strength to conquer whatever hurdles life present. It is guiding them to deal with and conquer obstacles that arise in children, such as bullies, failed grades, mistakes disappointment and emotional challenges. Such inner strengths and emotional wellness will also guide and inspire them to pursue their dreams. A child so wholeheartedly want to believe his or her dreams can come true. It is up to us, as adults to support, guide and nourish these aspirations. Let us gather our emotional, mental and physical forces to focus upon empowering our children.


Our Team


Why I joined M4C: Teaching has always been not just a dream but a passion. I’ve always wanted to see change. I have love for children and always hope that one day I will make an impact in my community.

Tiny Ngcobo


Why I joined M4C: I joined M4C because ever since I finished high school I always felt the need to give back to the community, to give back to an NPO that preaches “education is power” because I was also assisted by an NPO…

Mitchel Marishane


Why I joined M4C: I joined Melela 4 Children in 2016 after a friend enlightened me regarding the activity. I immediately preferred it as I have such a great amount of affection for children. The vision of the organization took me back to what…

Thabiso Maphanga


Why I joined M4C: I joined M4C for quite a lot of reasons. First and foremost, it is because of the love I have for children and I also believe in the saying that it’s easier to give shape and direction to a young…


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